Wednesday, August 30, 2006

August Top Ten

I normally wait for Jim to do his top ten so that I can copy his category. I don't have to think so hard that way. Since Jim has taken the summer off, and in order to post a list in before the end of August, I'll just give a little tweak to last month's list, which was my favorite works of visual art. For August, in no particular order, the list is my favorite albums (are they still called albums?) of all time. You might argue if some of these selections can be considered art, so I'll leave that word out. I limited my list to one album per band/performer, or else it would be mostly Who stuff.

1) The Who: Quadrophenia (1973) - Strangely enough, my high school Sunday school teacher at Des Plaines Bible Church gave me my first copy of this record.

2) Alison Krauss and Union Station: Lonely Runs Both Ways (2004) - I could listen to Alison sing all day.

3) The Chieftains: Santiago (1996) - I saw the Chieftains perform on the tour that followed this album and it was even better live. We went to the concert with some good friends and one really stinky guy.

4) Phil Keaggy: Beyond Nature (1991) - Good for the brain; I did a lot of homework to this cd.

5) Neal Young and Crazy Horse: Ragged Glory (1990) - I can't stand Neil Young's opinions, but this album always wakes me up.

6) Michelle Tumes: Center of My Universe (2000) - This was one of Tiffany's girly music cds, but I think I like it more than she does.

7) Van Halen: 5150 (1986) - Whenever I listen to this album, I remember when it was first released and the fun I had when my sister Jean let me hang out with her and her boyfriend - they were about 20 at the time and I was 14 or 15. Maybe it's more the nostalgic feelings than the music, but either way, it's good. Sisters are a good thing, too.

8) Gin Blossoms: New Miserable Experience (1992) - Probably my favorite; every song is good or great.

9) The Kinks: Lola vs. the Powerman and the Money-Go-Round, Part 1 (1970) - Sometimes fun, funny, and weird, but also insightful.

10) Noel Paul Stookey: Real to Reel (1977?) - I wore out my cassette of this album many years ago, and I'd pay a lot to get a good copy. I heard it was re-issued in 2006 but I haven't been able to find it. Great stuff - everything from praise songs to a theatrical version of Puff the Magic Dragon to the Irish Blessing to a story about a Japanese music exec letting loose an earth-shaking sneeze.

Nearly top ten: Full Moon Fever by Tom Petty, Center Field by John Fogerty, and Tiger Lily by Natalie Merchant all come pretty close. If I had done a top 13, they would have made it.

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